Christopher Farms has a HOME!

In August of 2018 we purchased 4.5 beautiful acres of land just north of Freetown, Indiana. This is the true start of Christopher Farms!

The house was built in 1932 and while it needs a lot of work has excellent potential to be a great home. The biggest challenge will be what antiques and furnishings to sell on Etsy and at markets and what to keep for the house!

Horses were kept on the property in the past and the pasture fencing is still in place and in good shape. The main pasture should be able to handle some sheep in the very near future!


Fresh Vegetables & Mushrooms

The growing season is underway. We successfully started several varieties of tomato, pepper, and bean on the table top green house. We're hoping to expand next year into a full size hoop house and offer plants for transplanting as well as for our own production.

Mushrooms are on the list to get started as well.

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Plants for Transplanting

Starting plants from seed can be the hardest part of gardening. To help you out we'll be offering a wide variety of heirloom plants for transplanting into your own garden next year. You'll be able to select the wide variety we have to offer or even provide your own seeds and we'll start those!

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We're reaching the end on the honey harvest season. Starting in August the bees will be storing honey for the winter.

This year was a building year for the hives so there was little honey collection. Starting in 2019 we hope to be in full production with our Hogg Half Comb, bottled honey, and wax products.

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Indiana Grown Food

Although Indiana is the tenth-largest farm state in the nation, Indiana hardly feeds itself with locally grown food. In fact, less then 10 percent of the food we eat is actually produced in Indiana.

At Christopher Farms we are focused on bringing 100% Indiana Grown food to Hoosiers. That's important and it means you know where your food is coming from. It also means you get higher quality food by purchasing directly from the grower.



Where to buy....

We'll be at the Seymour Indiana farmers market when it start in 2019. We'll also start selling honey online once the apiary comes into production. 'Find out More' for locations, hours, and other information.