Our Approach

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring locally grown fruits, vegetables, and other products to Hoosier through sales at our farm stand and farmers markets in Jackson and surrounding counties of Southern Indiana.

Our Story

Christopher Farms started as a garden in the back yard of a house in Central Indiana. Vegetables harvested from the garden were enjoyed fresh or preserved for enjoyment until the next harvest.

From that simple beginning Christopher Farms was formed and now occupies a five acre market farm in Freetown, Indiana. Along with fresh vegetables, fruit trees will soon produce a variety of fruits, honey and wax products from an apiary will be available, and locally produced sunflower oil.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Christopher Farms was founded and is lead by Chris Gilbert. Assisting Chris are his two dogs, Half Pint and Spot.


Chris has managed a large family garden for many years and has moved into market farming.

Half Pint was found wandering the mean roads of Hancock County one winter many moons ago. Her paws had gotten so cold she lost all the surface skin on them within a few days. She’s lived with Chris ever since.

Half Pints main self-assigned duties are thinking she’s the alpha, snoring when she sleeps, and digging random holes.

Spot was rescued from the streets of the Fountain Square district in Indianapolis. Narrowly missing being struck by a car Spot was taken to a barber shop by the mail delivery lady. Moments later Chris showed up to get his hair cut and the rest is history.

Spots main duties are being annoyed that Half Pint thinks she’s the alpha, talking in her sleep, and going on non-sanctioned outings.