The farm stand at Christopher Farms is now open (find us on the map). It’s a pretty simple process, just stop in, pick what you want, and pay the honesty box.

The farm stand is empty on Saturday and Wednesday mornings when you can find us at the Seymour Area Farmers Market. The stand will open back up about 1 PM on Saturday and Wednesday.

Our current offerings:


  • Slicing red tomatoes – A great slicing tomatoes for general use, cooking, and canning.
  • Green tomatoes – Great for frying or making pickled green tomatoes or green tomato relish!
  • Roma tomatoes – Gone for the season.
  • Eccentric tomatoes – Offered at a discounted price this tomatoes are bumped, bruised, or flawed in some way but still in good eating shape.


  • Habanero hot peppers – Hottest pepper that still has flavor.
  • Aji Amarillo hot peppers – A South American that packs some heat.
  • Jalapeno hot pepper – The classic hot pepper ready to spice up any dish!
  • Green bell peppers – A great pepper with no heat.
  • Tequila bell peppers – Much like the classic green bell but purple in color.

Pumpkins and Gourds

  • Carving pumpkins – Carving pumpkins are just coming into season. Look for these great pumpkins now through the end of October.
  • Peanut Pumpkins – a decorative pumpkin with peanut looking spots all over.
  • Fall Decorative Gourds – A great addition to your fall decorations!
  • Jill Be Little – A small pumpkin like gourd that’s great for decorating with.

Stop by the Farm Stand for freshly picked items from our farm!

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