It is Maple Syrup season once again and Christopher Farms has a brand new sugar bush and additional equipment. As a result, syrup season 2021 is going to be the best yet.

All of our trees are tapped and sap boiled into syrup right here in Freetown, Indiana providing you with the best local Maple Syrup you can find!

Our pure maple syrup will be offered in a variety of sizes with bottling in reusable mason jars, decorative glass, and plastic containers. In person sales will take place at the Seymour Area Farmers Market (visit and like them on FaceBook!) and on the farm. We will also have shipping options available for our plastic containers.

Reusable Ball Jars
Half Pint (8 oz)$7.00
Pint (16 oz)$12.00
Quart (32 oz)$23.00
Plastic Jugs
Pint (8 oz)$8.00
Quart (32 oz)$24.00
Decorative Glass
Coming soon!
Costs varies by zip code
contact us for a quote.
2021 Maple Syrup Prices